Now first time available for Europe wide!

REALLY hard belt for big lifts!

…but very well pre-shaped so it will curl even around smallest lifters!

186,90 €



Delivery time with graving 2-6 weeks

IPF Approved leather belt for all IPF competitions

Hand made Quality from Sweden

The belt thickness varies from 10mm to 13mm depending on belt size.

Size S belts are made from softer leather. Custom order can be made bigger belts softer or smaller belts harder.

Really fast “speed-lock” system to open and close!

Suitable for all three sports, Squat, Bench press and Deadlift

Delivety time for carvings 2-6 weeks

Check out the right way to put on the belt. If you want your Wahlanders belt to last for years, use it like this.

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