Leader Gainer+ is high quality recovery drink.

Protein/carb ratio is 48/41 so Gainer doesn’t add you any extra carbs to your middle. It just recovers needed energy and amino acid storages after training.

Protein in Gainer comes from Whey Isolate and only Whey Isolate. NO ADDED cheaper and slower Soy, milk or whey concentrate proteins.

Also added amino acid L-Glutamine and Creapure creatine to support faster recovery

Our staff recommends dosing of:

25g, 20-30min before training mixed with 5dl of water so that we can assure needed energy and amino acids are in bloodstream

45g during end of practice or straight after mixed with 5dl of water to refill carbohydrate, amino acid and creatine storages in body and start recovering injured muscle tissue

When mixed to water with dose printed into jar, 2dl/100g with 4dl water, ready drink will be low lactose <0,3g lactose/100ml

When mixed as our stuff recommends 45g powder with 5dl water mixed drink will be Lactose free <0,010g per 100ml

Mixed this way one dose will cost about 1 euro

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Leader Gainer+ 1kg -recovery drink

Leader Gainer+ 1kg -recovery drink

Nutrients per 100g
Energy 1562kJ / 373kcal

Fat 1,1g saturated 0,4g

Carbohydrates 41g sugar 20g

Protein 48g glutamine 9,8g leucine 5,0g

Sodium (Na) 0,52 mg
Fiber 1g
Calsium (Ca) 210mg
Phosphor (P) 114mg
Potassium (K) 317mg
Lactose 1,1g

Creatinemonohydrate 7,0g

Store in dry place our of straight sun light

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