Little bit softer than “bog brother” 3004 belt
This thing stays closed with a double Velcro stickers as well as the right motorcycle helmets familiar with the lock.

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Schiek 2004 Neoprene Lifting belt Neon Yellow

Schiek 2004 Neoprene Lifting belt Neon Yellow

New color for year 2015!!!

The belt tightening also fully variable and thus enables ALWAYS the right tension. This is so to speak, is left between the holes, and not too tight when pulling is not difficult to open.

The tapered sides make it possible I am able to squat on the bottom of the bottom … really;)
without … the ribs and sausages crushing.

This belt has a width of 12 cm from the back, which is just the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) approved by the maximum amount.
Front also widened, so that is what the abs against the press.

The patented design, the benefits of the U.S. Schiek’s on the video more, “the video HERE”:


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