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Metal Knee Wrap Mystical Silver (200 cm)

Metal Knee Wrap Mystical Silver (200 cm)

  • THESE TIES stop the squat DOWN AND GIVE _ massive boost up! *

2 m knee wraps, with half of the material METAL Silver and half METAL Triple Black Line tie. Bandages are perfect.

  • Instructions: *
    Side by side roll device tightly roll up, starting to get silver, so that the bond between the white part of the surface of the ice. Tying generation to generation is started at the bottom of the white bandage, and wrapped firmly evenly around to the top of the knee, until the silver part of the bond will be used.

The black part of the cross-tied tightly over the knee cap from top to bottom and vice-versa, tying the end of cross-linking between the top row, labeled.

  • Note * Before the wrapping is started, the thigh must be flexed so that the knee is “locked up” and keep it locked during the commitment period, This is to prevent knee injuries.