Real Bar -stick is made like real weightlifting barbell

It’s length and diameter are like in real weightlifting bar axel:
Diameter: 28mm
Length: 1,31cm

There are also burned official marks: inner mark for where grip starts for clean and jerk and outer mark for snatch grip.

Training and warm upping with Real Bar -sticks makes real difference when grips can be made right from the start.

This also helps teaching the sport of weightlifting when right grip widths can be tought even without weight.

Real Bar -stick is also thicker than normal broomstick so it handles better for example jumps and abs stick behind you neck and stretching against the stick without bending or broken.

Real Bar -sticks are made from 100% birch

Ask offer for bigger set from our custom service

9,90 €


Aito Tanko -keppi

Aito Tanko -keppi

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