Vitamin C contains vitamin C (ascorbic acid ) which contribute to the normal function of immune system and protect tissues from oxidative stress. Vitamin C supports the absorption of iron and prevent it from oxidation. In addition, Vitamin C enhances the formation of collagen, which supports the normal function of skeletal and skin .

Instructions for use :

2 capsules daily with plenty of water.

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M-Nutrition Vitamin C 500mg, 100caps

M-Nutrition Vitamin C 500mg, 100caps

Nutrition facts / 1 Capsule

Vitamin C (ascorbiinihappo/askorbinsyra/ascorbin acid) 500mg (667%)*

Dihydroquercetin (grape extract) 5mg**

  • % Of the recommanded daily intake

Other ingrediets: magnesiumsteriate vegetarian capsule (HPMC , hydroxy – propyl- methyl – cellulose)

Lactose free
Glutein free

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