Super Whey Isolate is a high quality 100% whey protein isolate enriched with an Advanced Fast Absorption Super Formula with SuperMIX. It dramatically improves the absorption and digestion of the product enhancing the recovery of muscle tissues. This blend reduces the size of the protein particles in Super Whey Isolate comparing to typical protein and accelerates the digestive reaction. This allows the protein to be rapidly broken down into di- and tri-peptides and free form amino acids and absorbed faster, resulting in enhanced muscle building and recovery.

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  • Suklaa
  • Blueberry milkshake
  • Ice coffee
  • Mint-chocolate

Complete Super Amino Profile:

Asparagiinihappo 5925 mg
Treoniini 3985 mg
Seriini 264 mg
Glutamiinihappo 8900 mg
Glysiini 1225 mg
Alaniini 764 mg
Valiini 3135 mg
Isoleusiini 3585 mg
Leusiini 5575 mg
Tyrosiini 1595 mg
Fenyylialaniini 1545 mg
Histidiini 1045 mg
Lysiini 4380 mg
Arginiini 1095 mg
Proliini 3385 mg
Kystiini 1340 mg
Metioniini 1095 mg
Tryptofaani 995 mg

Advanced Fast Absorption Super Formula with SuperMIX

AstraGin (panax notoginseng & astragalus membrenaceus) 25 mg
LactoSpore (bacillus coagulans) 13,3 mg
DigeZyme (pitkälle kehittynyt entsyymikompleksi) 45 mg
Q10 Ubikinoni (koentsyymi Q10) 20 mg
Fytiinihappo 25 mg

Mineral & Electrolyte mix

Natrium (kloridi) 120 mg
Kalium (kloridi) 279 mg
Magnesium (bis-glysinaatti) 81,5 mg
Kalsium (sitraatti) 203 mg

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