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Sportkraft Heavy Knee-/Elbowsupport (2pcs)

Sportkraft Heavy Knee-/Elbowsupport (2pcs)

Extra strong knee / elbow, which will last and supports even the toughest training as well!

Not for beginners! We emphasize that there is strong support, not just a heater. Sold only for hardcore weight-lifters, which are able to lift with this.

Duplication of special material, breathable support. No risk of infection.

Sold in pairs.

  • Recommended Sizes weight / weight category: *

M: 40-50 kg
L: 50-65 kg
XL: 60-75 kg
2XL: 70-85 kg
3XL: 80-95 kg
4XL: 95-110 kg
5XL: 110 kg +

S: 40-50 kg
M 50-65 kg
L: 60-75 kg
XL: 70-85 kg
2XL: 80-95 kg
3XL: 95 to 110 kg
4XL: 110-130 kg
5XL: 130 kg +

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