Super Testo is a combination of powerful, natural herbal ingredients known to support a healthy level of testosterone and overall vitality. Super Testo is a targeted botanical formula that can be used to maintain reproductive function, libido and dramatically increase muscle mass and strenght. When you are looking to carve out your inner alpha, let Super Testo unleash it!

Instruction to use: 3 capsules daily

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Supermass Nutrition SUPER TESTO

Supermass Nutrition SUPER TESTO

Ravintosisältö keskimäärin per annos 3 kaps./ Amount per serving 3 caps.
Maca-jauhe / Maca Powder 1000mg
Nokkosuute / Urtica Diocia extract 500mg
Rohtokoisuute / Ashwagandha extract * 500mg*
Mucuna Pruriens -uute / Mucuna Pruriens extract * 500mg*
Muira Puama -uute / Muira Puama extract * 500mg*
Rohtosarviapilauute / Fenugreek extract 500mg
Pygeyn Africanum -uute / Pygeun Africanum 400mg
Ruusujuuriuute / Rhodiola extract * 400mg*
Pyhä basilika / Holy basil 250mg
Tongkat Ali -uute / Tongkat ali extract 200mg
Rannikkomännyn kuoriuute / Pygnogenol 40mg
Boorisitraatti / Boron citrate * 20mg*

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