From high intensity cardio workouts to outer and inner thigh strengthening exercises, the Nike® Training Kit is all you need for complete head to toe conditioning. It features a long-length medium resistance band, a light resistance circular band and a speed rope. The included mesh bag offers simple storage or easy transportation. The Nike® Training Kit is the complete conditioning system that is perfect for all fitness levels.

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Nike Training Set

Nike Training Set


Training kit for upper and lower body training exercises
Includes medium resistance band, speed rope, circular resistance band and storage bag
Speed rope made of 40% TPU, 38% polyurethane, 18% rubber and 4% ABS
Speed rope features ergonomically designed, cushioned foam grip handles for comfort
Improve balance, agility and endurance through high-intensity cardiovascular workouts
Circular band made of 70% rubber and 30% polyester
Great for resisted lateral walks to strengthen outer and inner thighs
Medium resistance band made of 45% rubber, 33% polypropylene, 14% iron and 8% polyester
Ideal for upper and lower body strengthening and toning
Mesh storage bag to hold kit items and for easy transportation

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