Irabu sunglasses are perfectly fitting sunglasses for your free time. Modern camo design will show everyone that you know the latest trends. This model fits all kind of faces.

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Grey Camo

Grey Camo

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Frame material: resistant polycarbonate
Frame color: matt, grey camuflage (R2311A), mattbrown, camuflage yellow (R2311C) and shiny black, blue (R2311E)
Size: adult standard, lens 57 mm, lens distance 18 mm, handle 139 mm
Lens material: scratch resistant akrylic
Lens color: grey CLOUD, mirror: OCEAN SENSOR, gradient (R2311A), brown BRONZE, mirror: GOLD SENSOR (R2311C) and grey CLOUD, mirror: ICEBLUE PLATINUM
Sun filter category: 3
UV: 400nm A,B,C

Microfiber pouch for FREE

% UV
100% protection against UV radition A, B, C guarantee.

Soft case
The soft microfiber cleaning pouch protect sunglasses against scratches. FREE with every pair of sunglasses.

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