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6 - Pack Innovator

6 - Pack Innovator

  • 6 - Pack Innovator
  • 6 - Pack Innovator
  • 6 - Pack Innovator
  • 6 - Pack Innovator

Each large size 6-pack bag comes pre-packed and fully loaded with: 
2 Gel Packs 
Sure Seal Containers: 
3 containers small / 5 containers  big model
Ergonomic shoulder strap

Independtly accessible meal management tray: Organize your meals for the entire day. Adjustable trays fit containers of different sizes, and makes food independently accessible.

Locking lid vitamin/supplement tray: Organize all of your vitamins, supplements, and protein bars in one easy to access location.

Side pockets w/ detachable dividers: Deep side pockets allow you to carry fruit, protein shakes, water bottles, even extra gym clothes.

Detachable padded shoulder strap: Ergonomic padded shoulder strap for carrying on-the-go.

Fully insulated interior: Keep your meals, protien shackes, and water bottles colder for longer.

Gel Packs: Keep your meals cool for 8+ hours at room temperature.

Sure Seal Containers: BPA free, microwave, dishwasher safe, and leak proof containers.

Ballistic Nylon construction with 1 year limited warranty: The same material used in luggage makes the DURUSTM series rugged and durable. A one year limited warranty covers defects.

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