• Perfect for mobility training as well as for combined strength and flexibility training
  • No unpleasant pulling on the skin, thanks to skin-friendly textiles
  • Unique patented textile material for greater training comfort

The BLACKROLL® MULTI BAND (270 cm) is designed for relearning functional movement sequences by strengthening entire muscle groups, training movement coordination in a joint-friendly manner, and improving mobility. Up to four loops permit customized use, so the MULTI BAND can be used by all age groups and conditioning levels regardless of height or mobility.

  • 270 cm wide loop with 6cm hight
  • The highest product quality
  • Made with materials certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • 24-month guarantee
  • Unique patented textile material for pleasant training comfort
  • Suitable for people with allergies – no skin contact with rubber or latex
  • Pleasant haptics
  • Robust and absolutely resistant material
  • Washable (60°) with commercially available detergents
49,90 €


BlackRoll Flexvit Recistance Band 178cm

BlackRoll Flexvit Recistance Band 178cm

Check BLACKROLL® BANDS for damage before every training and only use BANDS in perfect condition

Start off at lower resistance until you have mastered the exercises. Only then, we suggest to move to higher resistance and/or more repetitions

Carry out all exercises as smoothly and slowly as possible

Breathe calmly and regularly while training

Exhale during the challenging part of the movement

Avoid holding your breath

Stop exercising immediately if you experience pain of any kind

If you have injuries or previous injuries, speak with your doctor or therapist before beginning the exercise program

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