While there are many reasons for the success of this cable, one sticks out in my mind:  Quality. There is truly no other cable on the market that meets the requirements of the fitness industry like our Exerflex Pro®. From flexibility to durability, our cable is well tailored to the demands of today’s top notch exercise equipment. In a time where our economy is stagnant and companies seem reluctant to spend, Exerflex Pro® sales continue to increase.

There is something to be said for making a high quality product that truly outlasts the competition. A consumer experiencing the high quality of the cable with the memorable brand “Exerflex Pro®” creates loyalty, referrals, and return business. New customers are contacting and buying from us every week in all parts of the world and I feel this will continue for years to come.

13,90 €


Loos & Co Exerflex Pro Fitness cable 4,8mm

Loos & Co Exerflex Pro Fitness cable 4,8mm

EXERFLEXPRO® ensures a long cycle life

Manufacturers and owners alike can rely on EXERFLEXPRO® for an extended service life in their equipment. Loos and Company's EXERFLEXPRO® fitness cable is manufactured to exacting quality standards and has undergone extensive testing processes. This means that you will always receive cable that is certified to provide the strength and endurance required on today’s high performance fitness equipment.

EXERFLEXPRO® enhances user experience 

Equipment owners will see an immediate return after installingEXERFLEXPRO® . Cable smoothness and flexibility will provide their customers a top quality exercise experience.

EXERFLEXPRO® reduces cost of equipment ownership 

Equipment owners will require fewer service calls and less downtime for their equipment. Repair professionals can eliminate the need for multiple service calls to replace inferior cables.

EXERFLEXPRO® provides unmatched safety

Make sure you choose EXERFLEXPRO® fitness cable to reduce cable failures while in service and lessen the risk of user injury.