Scitec Nutrition Mental Focus encourages the cognitive processes to be able to perform adequately perform your functions.
To solve every problem that arises is difficult to have a totally uncluttered and focused on what needs to be mind. Mental focus so helps you to have it during the day
Uses three brain-enhancing agents to focus the mind and work with much more performance are: Acetyl L-carnitine, tyrosine and caffeine. The acetyl L-carnitine is a type of carnitine is inserted into the body more effectively .Eliminates hormone cortisol produced by the training stress and stimulates the creation of testosterone. Intervened in the paper in which the fatty acids entering the mitochondria for disposal. It also increases memory and cognitive functions.
Another thing that provides a healthy heart function, increased muscle mass, as an antioxidant prevents brain lipid peroxidation. In athletes it gives them greater visual coordination and focus and muscle recovery.
Lowers cholesterol and reduces depression symptoms.
Tyrosine is an amino acid neurotransmitter that gives you energy and anti-catabolic.
A large training wear low neurotransmitter levels in the human body. Tyrosine regulates this substance which helps us improve performance

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Scitec Nutrition Mental Focus 90 caps.

Scitec Nutrition Mental Focus 90 caps.

Its main functions are:
Aid fatigue stress training
Maintains muscle mass
It helps to treat depression
Caffeine is an alkaloid that acts quickly this several elements such as methylxanthines are made, significantly improving performance. Coffee has assets lower the effect of caffeine.
One of the main functions of caffeine is stimulating the central nervous system, improves attention while metabolism and concentration
Mental Focus Ingredients:
Acetyl L-carnitine, L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, magnesium stearate, gelatin capsule (capsule).
How to use Mental Focus:
2 or 3 capsules 60 minutes before training or any activity that requires focus and concentration.

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