Do your joints ache? Are you muscles sore? Don’t let that stop you! Unlike the athletic tape of old, kinesiology tape is made of an elastic woven cotton that gives the tape extreme flexibility. The tape helps stabilize your muscles and joints all while helping to reduce swelling and promote blood flow to the area.

While kinesiology tape isn’t the cure-all it is a great supplement to your current training and rehab routine. If you experience severe pain or symptoms do not get better, it is important that you consult a medical professional.

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In stock


In stock

Better Bodies Kinesiology tape 130394

Better Bodies Kinesiology tape 130394

  • Material: High elastic tape made with natural cotton fibers
    • 100% cotton
  • Features:
    • Glue is made of tree resin
    • For pain, sports injuries, rehabilitation, and to increase performance
    • Provides stability to muscles and joints
    • Made of flexible cotton

Size: 5 meter/pc


OS: 5cm

OS: 2”

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