Raise the stakes and improve with this premium quality skipping rope that features a durable 2.4mm thick steel wire coated in PVC. 10 feet long, the rope is adjustable with the help of a pair of toggles. The black polymer handles fit comfortably in your hands and the built-in ball bearing allows free range of motion that’s sure to up your skipping experience. Moreover, the metal tops are equipped with mini ball bearings that promise smooth and rapid revolutions. Removable plastic caps at the base of the handles allow you to add weights to your skipping rope for a better workout, and you can store the rope away in a water-resistant nylon bag that comes with purchase.

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  • 10ft, 2.4mm thick adjustable steel cable coated in durable PVC
  • 14 cm long black polymer handles with ball bearings that encourage free range of motion
  • Mini ball bearing inside the metal top to help skip from the wrists
  • Detachable plastic caps at the base to add weights to handles
  • Includes water-resistant nylon bag for storage purposes