The Squat Ramp allows you to elevate the heel while standing firm and

stable during squatting. Great tool to isolate the quads or to use in

various rehab and mobility movements.

Allows heel elevation of between 1 and 5 cm and choosing different

angles to target different areas. Extend your squat routine by using the

ramp for different squat variations such as the bicycle squat which is a

great accessory exercise for powerlifters and weightlifters.

Two ramps can be used side by side for wider stand squats.

The squat ramp is also a great tool for calve raises with full range of motion or rehab training for the plantar fascia.

Made of solid rubber with a no-slip surface this heavy duty wedge won't move or break even in the heaviest of training sessions.

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Squat Ramp

Squat Ramp

  • Squat Ramp
  • Squat Ramp
  • Squat Ramp
Length: 70cm

Width: 16cm

Width tread: 14cm

Height / highest point: 5cm

Weight: 4kg

Material: Solid rubber

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