The GASP physique doesn’t make finding pants easy, in particularly jeans. However occasionally you want to take your look to the next level and that is why we started developing denim with GASP attitude.  When we first released our denim pants, they were welcomed like a rain storm during a drought. The Flex Loose Denim is the newest pair to hit the market. Developed to maintain that classic denim look while giving you the same feeling as that favorite pair of gym pants. Try the Flex Loose Denim at your own risk. You may never want to take them off.

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  • Denim
  • Gasp Flex Loose Denim 220845

Fit: Loose
Length: Regular
Material: Heavy twill denim with good recovery elastane, 80% Polyester 20% Elastane
Features: Stone washed with abrasion, Core wrapped super stretch denim giving the Flex Denim a rigid denim look while making them as comfortable as gym pants, Loose fit for extra comfort, Tailored to fit the GASP physique


28: 72,5 cm 30: 77,5 cm 32: 82,5 cm 34: 87,5 cm 36: 92,5 cm
28: 28.5” 30: 30.5” 32: 32” 34: 34.5” 36: 36”

28: 81 cm 30: 81 cm 32: 86 cm 34: 86 cm 36: 91 cm
28: 32” 30: 32” 32: 34” 34: 34” 36: 36”

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